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Signs your husband might be gay


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Looking for the right gay partner? Well, you can thank your lucky stars. Here at last is a down-to-earth astrological guide especially for gay men. From dating to mating, from scoring to snoring, and from catching his eye to capturing his heart and keeping it-his volume offers heaven-sent advice on finding love in today's gay world.

(Even some gay men, despite...

With wit and warmth it describes the challenges and joys of seventy-eight possible sunsign combos. And it gives specifics on how to court, bed, and wed in a gamut of relationships. The great news is that anything can work.

If all signs point to the perfect match but it's a queer romance, then this is the book for you. Cosmic love, cosmic fights, cosmic rescues in the skies over Metropolis. So what if a building gets leveled-neither of these guys meant any harm.

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It takes the embarrassment of putting their super feet in their super mouths to bring them back to earth. To Gemini, Leo's single-mindedness and sincerity seem supremely unsavvy.

Leo thinks that all of that Gemini flitting and manipulation are distractions from what really matters.

So why would a Gemini and Leo come together? It is because they fulfill deep needs for each other. And because ditzy can be cute.

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