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Testing must be done to ensure that the errors and faults in the software are eliminated. The main aim of testing is to find faults and errors in the software. Every testing process should be done before testing begins and should be based on the customers requirements. Testing of a software is done by a software tester. A software tester can use different methods of testing depending on his or her own preference or what the tester is good at. Software testing can be categorized in the below methods.

Unit testing is the basic method of checking errors in a program and the codes in the program. The syntax and the logical errors in a program and codes are identified in this testing category. The testing can be entrusted to an organization or a single tester. It is advisable to correct the errors immediately they are identified. The unit testing is the most sensitive among all the software testing methods since errors not identified are passed to the integration testing method.

Here is another category of testing where testing is done after grouping the units together for a more sophisticated functionality. Errors not identified in the unit testing can be identified in the integration testing. The unit compatibility is done in the integration testing category and correction measure are put to ensure the testing process continues smoothly. System testing is another category that comes behind the integration testing it the testing of whole software system on the client’s computer. How a software operates is the main test done in the system testing category of methods of software testing.

More on software testing categories is the interface testing. The interface should meet the customers requirements or the agreed requirements. An interface should be as simple as it can be to allow the user to understand and use the system to the optimal and its’ info should be eye catching such that the software developer can easily market his or her skills in software development. Is the software acceptable by the users and managers of an organization? Is the question to be answered in the acceptance testing. Interviews and questionnaires answering are the main methods used to collect data about the acceptance of the software.

Non-functionality testing can be done to ensure that the software performs as required. This can be done by stressing the system, loading work to the system and assessing the outputs that the system provides. In maintainability testing the recovery of the system is tested and checked by the system tester such that it may reduce the maintainability cost. Compatibility testing can be done either during the system testing or during the system installation phase. The above categories should always be used when testing a software system.

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