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Wrestling buddies


Collection of seven films following the adventures of Disney's family of talking dogs known as the Buddies. Wrestling buddies 'Space Buddies' the Buddies boldly go where no puppies have gone before - space.

After sneaking along on a school trip to a space centre, the talking puppies find themselves launched into a space adventure. They discover that Christmas appears to be losing its spirit and set about helping Santa Paws Tom Bosley restore the magic of the festive season.

In 'Spooky Buddies' the puppies come across a spooky mansion on Halloween and discover that wicked duo Howloween Hound Diedrich Bader and Warwick the Warlock Harland Williams are planning to take over the world.

It is up to the puppies to save the Wrestling buddies.

In Wrestling buddies Buddies' the five puppies go all the way to Egypt on a treasure hunt. Along with the new friends they make on their journey they contend with puzzles, traps and a crafty cat as they explore a cryptic tomb in the hopes of being the first ones to reach the prize.

Hannelius and Mudbud Ty Panitz find magical rings from outer space that give each of them a special super power. With their new skills, it is up to the quintet to save the planet from an evil extraterrestrial being.

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Specifikationer Filmerna i boxen Omdömen. Air Buddies Komedi från med Slade Pearce. Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Okänd Soldat Blu-ray 2-disc.

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